There is a clear cosmic reason the acronyms WTF (“What the Fug”) and FTW (“For The Win”) are anagrams of each other. And that reason is Robyn.

This is a woeful MARVEL. It is a crack spree. It is a joyful cyclone of no. None of it is hemmed. The jumpsuit seems to have given itself a peg leg by jamming itself up against a tube of wrapping paper. It is topsy-turvy and mystifying and heinous and hilarious (like the current election cycle, before it started to get depressing and angry and scary). It is Florence Welch on an imaginary Project Runway Celebrity Edition. It is… remember when celebrities were allegedly snorting cocaine mixed with strawberry Nesquick? This is your brain on that. And I know not what else to say, or how else to understand it, but I am certain about this: Someday, Elle Fanning will play Robyn in the movie of her life, and I will CLAP when we get to this outfit.

[Photo: Getty]

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