First, Quvenzhan√© Wallis is 18 now, and grown up, and to quote Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday after Lindsay Lohan has inhabited her body, “OH MY GOD, I’M THE CRYPT KEEPER.” Second: Her suit, itself, is as gorgeous as she is, and the jeweled basketball purse is — WAIT FOR IT — a slam-dunk. Sorry. I had to, I truly did.

But we truly have seen a massive surge of blazers-with-bras in the last through months. We’ve seen them with billowy suits. Fitted suits. Foogled and bloojled and kershamblitted suits. I will not try this trend today; I will not try it, Quvenzhan√©. Remember, I am The Ancient One who still grumbles, “Whatever happened to camisoles?” We’ve long parroted some overheard Brad Goreski wisdom about midriffs — namely, that he was of the belief that an ensemble much chic-er when you can’t see the belly button, and I have found that to be true almost 100 percent of the time. This one comes really close to that, but not quite; it’s not too bad, but imagine a higher-waisted pant and I do think it’s better.

Then again, she is a delightful 18-year old coming into herself and experimenting with style, and 3/4 of a navel isn’t going to make or break anything when the rest of the ensemble is really rather great. So yeah, Old Granny Crypt Keeper here will always and forever be on her bullshit about shirts, but at least… less of her bullshit?

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