I’ve only been suggesting more Royal Crossover Events FOR WEEKS NOW. You’re welcome, House of Wales. Up next, if they’re taking requests: I suggest Wills puts his personal styling solely in the hands of his father, and maybe Camz gets pink hair for a couple of weeks.

The event:

Kate is wearing a McQueen “military inspired” jacket and skirt — very on the nose! — which reminds me of this (fancier) look from last year that I called “Victorian Bitch” in our end-of-the-year wrap-up. (I called it “vaguely threatening” when that look ran originally.) Please allow me to be utterly clear: I wholly endorse adopting any and all Historical Bitch vibes. It is not an insult. Anyway, today’s outfit is not really Victorian Bitch as much as it is Military Widow Forced to Take Over Her Husband’s Fleet — although, in fairness, those are both novels that I would happily read. (I suspect Victorian Bitch is MWFtTOHHF’s best friend who gave her the strength to go on after her spouse fell into a crevasse or whatever.) I think it is…mildly wacky.

Hoops were shot:

In other news: Peter Phillips (Anne’s son, Zara’s brother) and his wife Autumn are divorcing. (One paper breathlessly reported that she might go, like Harry and Meghan, to CANADA!!! Y’all, yes. SHE’S CANADIAN.) I like to think that they were like, “there’s a lot of other stuff happening in the family right now, let’s just slide this one in under the radar.” Like how celebs try to bury announcements they’d rather not have to make at 5:45pm on July 3rd.

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