When Givenchy hired a streetwear designer to run the house a few years ago, the resulting collections were a jumble. Fashionista noted that a collaboration a year ago with Carine Roitfeld started to even things out, and reception of this collection was pretty warm. I get what they’re saying about this inching back toward a mix of his signature and Givenchy’s typical client, but I can’t quite climb on the train. There are some delicate slip dresses mixed in with the coats, but that takes a messy turn in spots, especially when they become separates. We should see some of the eveningwear, particularly the little black dress on slide 27, and I bet some of the belts with tiny buckles on each hip will surface too. But… if it looks like sloppy tissue on the models, what hope does it have when climbing in and out of a limo?

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight]