I can’t imagine Cheno is that thrilled with how this went:

The top is slouchy and unfriendly — in a way that’s similar to Michelle Dockery at the SAGs, yet totally without the visual interest her outfit was at least trying to achieve — and the necklace looks like a string of saliva drooling down her front. Also, the haircut makes her look older, and like a stereotype of a news anchor. Y’all, trust me, I understand the impulse to cut it all off, especially when the person probably had a lot of extensions that either did some damage or at least hurt and were pricey. But not every haircut is for everyone. I almost think she’d have been better going Full Pixie (a la Pamela Anderson) than Full Jennifer Lawrence (a la Jennifer Lawrence). It’ll grow out, though, and before we know it, she’ll have a cute straight bob that makes ME want to cut it all off, and the circle of bad ideas will continue.

[Photo: Getty]