The Producers Guild Awards, one of the smaller ones of the season, happened last night via Zoom — and accordingly, was a parade of wonderful faces and absolutely zero information about what any of them were wearing. But, we can spy on their rooms, and we can thank Elizabeth Stewart for answering our questions about Gal Gadot at the very least:

It’s Miu Miu, it looks like a posh bathrobe with diamond sleeves, and she’s getting good arch support in some custom Birkenstocks. She looks like a very wealthy bride on her hen weekend, and best of all, she’s not getting blisters or any foot-swelling beyond whatever her pregnancy has decided to do today (gestating is mercurial indeed). It all looks so easy. Will celebrities EVER want to go back to in-person awards shows? I suppose the upcoming Oscars — which have mandated in-person attendance — will tell the tale.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]