Ugh, I actually really feel for Erika Christensen here. She’s in Rome promoting Wicked City, which was just canceled by ABC. You know she has to be thinking, “WHAT IS THE POINT?” And, hopefully, “pass me some more of that wine, please.” (When in Rome, after all.) I don’t know if I can blame her for deploying the dregs of her wardrobe for the occasion:

Yeah, nothing about that is good. Sometimes celebs wear clothes that are boring, but very flattering; I get that. Sometimes they wear clothes that aren’t flattering, but are interesting or whimsical or weird, and I also understand that. This is unflattering AND boring, like something she found balled up in the back of a Zara dressing room.

This is not much better, to the point where I was going to note that I thought she might look better with a red lip and then I noticed she has one:

I wouldn’t be half-surprised to get an email noting that her hair and makeup is courtesy of jetlag and her wardrobe was styled by resentment. I can’t even be mad at her. Go have a gelato, Erika. You will feel better.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]