(a) This is SO CUTE and I want these trousers, although truly, TRULY, raspberry wool Valentino pant are not in my budget or my life! I spend SO MUCH TIME shopping for Interesting Trousers, you guys, and I WORK FROM HOME. This reminds me, though: One of you wondered yesterday if wide-legged trousers are back and they DEFINITELY are. Why don’t we all just start wearing intriguing pants?

(b) The shoes are these Jimmy Choos, but I just realized that I basically already bought the J.Crew knock-offs (which lack the giant sparkly buckle, and have a lower heel, which is fine because I really just needed some low key black shoes [although they DO have a version with a sparkly buckle]).

(c) I cannot wait to see the glittery leotard that’s clearly happening underneath this in full, which I assume will happen when Keira branches out to rhythmic gymnastics on the side.

[Photo:  MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]