Phew. I’m relieved I am not someone who is required to write a think piece about what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the Oscars stage. While I am sure everyone agrees you are not supposed to be able to hit people at work, and I am as confused as anyone else by how it unfolded and why, I also don’t believe that I am the appropriate person to unpack the event, tone-police Will’s subsequent speech and response, or to try and contextualize… well, any of it. It is not my place. Jokes aside about FISTICUFFS bringing the Oscar drama, I suspect there are layers popping and fizzing here that we don’t even know about yet. Everyone in that building was processing it in real-time, and I think — as Jess half-joked on Twitter — the guests and participants and audience and producers alike all needed a very long halftime to retreat to our locker rooms before restarting the show, and unfortunately it wasn’t possible. I just hope everyone is okay.

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