This is terribly muddled, and I only want muddling when it comes to cocktails:

I LOVE a print, especially on a formal dress — Jessica Simpson (I know) wore one to this very event, which we’ll get to later, and I think it was great — but this looks inspired by the bedspread at a Motel 6 off the interstate, and there’s just SO MUCH OF IT. Every time I look at this, I think, “well, Miranda got duped,” as if this were the end of some C plot in an old forgotten Sex and the City where Miranda unwittingly befriends a designer who keeps sticking her in things that are all wrong for her, as some kind of evil plot for revenge. (Which is clearly ridiculous, if only because none of the SatC women ever made new girlfriends.) And I keep wanting to fix it, but all my fixes make it a completely different dress. Like, make it a mini and whack off the sleeves and give it a belt and it could work but that’s also a TOTALLY DIFFERENT OUTFIT. Which is probably what she should have done in the first place, anyway.

[Photo: Getty]