You may think, initially, that this is merely dumb in the “Anything Regina George can do, I can do better” sense. That being, if Regina’s shirt has two small boob cutouts — even if they weren’t by her own hand — then Karlie’s will have one ENORMOUS armpit-airing one, and will therefore win at Pointless Trends.

But then you look closer, and you realize that the bra here is not under the dress. No. It’s OVER THE DRESS. Or sewn over top of it. So the design here isn’t peekaboo fashion so much as patchaboo. In a way that isn’t particularly witty to me, either. It’s just weird. Karlie Kloss has spent enough years as a runway model that she’s likely seen and worn it all, either by choice or by obligation, so maybe she’s just immune to everything now. KARLIE. Maybe take a month off on a remote desert island, with no WiFi, and come back with a fresh eye. As your bosses might say, you’re worth it.