I’m definitely perplexed by the choker that vaguely resembles neck stubble.

But what really stumps me is the shirt. I dug up a photo that shows a zipper in the back that goes cleanly from top seam to bottom, bisecting the entire thing. I have questions. If she uses the zipper, it means she can’t put this on or take it off without assistance, right? Or do those weird U clasps in the front also pop out to help? Can she slip on that thing like a cardigan and then anchor it with the giant torso bobby pins? No way that thing goes on cleanly over her head, so she must do ONE of those things, and what a pain in the neck they both seem. It’s never a great idea to buy clothes you can only assemble if you have company. I have an old Proenza for Target dress that I love, but for whatever reason I can’t zip or unzip it alone, which led to me MacGyvering solution wherein I used a wire hanger to reach back and grab the tab and pull up. Wait, that made me feel smart, so maybe now I’m in favor of her having to jimmy her way in and out of this shirt. That’s unexpected.

The other news is, apparently velveteen pajama bottoms are now considered formalwear. So everybody get thee to Old Navy or something and stock up on going-out pants that leave PLENTY of room for guacamole.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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