At 2016 draws to a close — or will it ever end? Perhaps it has already ended and we’re merely trapped here, in Purgatory, forever. Maybe we’re in Lost right now, you guys. We’re in Lost and there is no Sawyer. I want my money back — it’s good of Rachael Leigh Cook (a woman with a comforting amount of vowels in her name, and I say that as a women with a plethora of vowels myself) to pop out of the house wearing what might be (I am sorry, RLC) one of the worst dresses of the year.

Her face looks great! I do truly believe her to be all that! And yet someone has talked her into wearing a bra, a mini-skirt, and the leftovers from someone’s bridal shower tablescapes. Thank you, Rachael. I want to hug you for this.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]