It just occurs to me that I’d also be interested in seeing K. Stew in a gender-flipped reboot of Spenser: For Hire. Can’t you just see her driving around Boston as a hardboiled private investigator, solving crimes and beating up bad guys? I’d also be interested in seeing her in Spencer, an esoteric independent film based on the events previously seen in The Hills, from the point of view of misunderstood anti-hero Spencer Pratt. She will, of course, be playing Heidi Montag. (I am not joking. I think both of these are kind of good ideas?!?!)

ANYWAY. All that aside. This look is….you know, it’s fine! It’s good. It’s not bad. You will NOT remember it in three days, and it’s sort of the boring version of this more memorable Chanel that she already wore. The beading on it is beautiful, it’s extremely appropriate for the occasion, and it’s…it’s fine! It is FINE!!

I will note that there is a tiny styling detail that I thought was very sweet:

This is a cute, animated snap of her but I noticed after I downloaded it that she is wearing a (smaller, of course) sapphire ring very reminiscent of Diana’s (and now Kate’s) engagement ring. This is surely not a coincidence and it’s a very thoughtful nod to the real-life person whose life she inhabited for a while.

[Photos: Karwai Tang/WireImage ,Neil Mockford/GC Image]