I LOVE the expression on Miss Tina’s face here:

She is so clearly thinking, “I am sandwiched between BRAD PITT and TWO DUDES WITH GIANT COSTUME HEADS. Psst. Are you guys seeing this? Brad Pitt. Right there. Next to me. In the black. Pitt. And then two dudes in giant heads. How hilarious is the photo, am I right?”

And Brad Pitt is clearly thinking, “I’m Brad Pitt. Please continue to be grateful that I shaved off that goatee,” the two dudes in giant costume heads are thinking, “Jesus, it’s hot inside this giant head. I can barely see Brad Pitt,” and Stiller is thinking, “I’m just pretending Pitt isn’t even here. I can’t believe he really came to the premiere. I mean, I know he’s in this movie and all but shouldn’t he be in France eating cheese off Angelina Jolie’s biceps or something? God. I never win. SEE LITTLE FOCKERS OPENING THIS SUMMER THANKS.”

Whereas I am thinking:

Tina, that dress is totally cute.

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