As the reader who sent this in to us noted, if only Christina Hendricks looked this great every time she went out! This is one instance where I’m like, “What Not To Wear is RIGHT: The wrap dress IS flattering!” Of course, it helps that’s she’s so lovely, but I think it also helps that presumably she wasn’t styled by someone who was flummoxed by how to dress someone with boobs. WE ALL KNOW IT CAN BE DONE. That being said, as much as I’d like to read the article about her, I can not buy a magazine that wonders, “Just cramps….OR CANCER??” because I am such a hypochondriac that I once convinced myself I had this particular lethal disorder….only to read on and discover that it affects only men. I have enough problems without being sure that my cramps are going to kill me, thanks. Guess now I’ll never know the surely redundant secrets to sexier sex. Oh, well. I bet Cosmo can fill me in.