When I first saw this photo on our wire services, I thought to myself, “who’s that pretty girl?”

Opening of Louis Vuitton Santa Monica to Benefit Heal the Bay - After Party

RACHEL ZOE. I KNOW. Yes, the all black/tights/long sleeves is a bit ridiculously oppressive for August, and the puffed sleeves are the material of Anne Shirley’s most fevered dreams, but I’m giving her a pass for being unable to resist tarting herself up in top-to-toe LV at an LV event. And I have to give her a gold star for pulling all her hair back! I have literally never seen her like this — and I’ve watched every episode of The Rachel Zoe Project — and dudes, I love it. It’s so REFRESHING. She looks like a whole new person. Who knew that a ponytail could make such a difference, and yet here we are. Now we just have to talk the stylists of the world — including her — out of pouring themselves (and us) into wacky horse-hoof shoes, and we’ll really be in business.