If you’re wondering if I EVER accept a nude shoe, the answer is yes. It DOES happen. And here is one such time.

Now, maybe I’m nuts, but: They’re a nice shape, they don’t have heavy platforms, they’re not an UGLY shade of nude, and they’re coming right near them hem of a busy skirt. Red shoes would be too cutesy; black shoes possibly too heavy. White shoes, perhaps too glaring? The nude ones wash over me and then take my eye right back to where it should go: the rest of the outfit. And she looks so GREAT in it, and so cheery, and stylish in an unusual but effective eway, and MY GOD can we discuss how much WORK it must take to get a waist-to-knee region to do whatever Maria Menounos’s is doing? Sweet sandwich blaster.

… Mmm, sandwich.

Which is why I don’t look like that.

[Photo: WENN]

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