TINA: Hi, Paul.

PAUL: Greetings, milady.

TINA: [Something very naturally hilarious that really can’t be approximated]

PAUL: Ha! Yes. You are so naturally hilarious, it really can’t be approximated.

TINA: [Jokes charmingly about how weird it is that her upturned eyeball is visible between them]

PAUL: That joke was charming. And you look great. Leather works on you.

TINA: [Something unspeakably funny about Paul’s mustache]

PAUL: Thanks. I’ve been shooting Anchorman, so if I shave it off prematurely they’re going to make me clean Will Ferrell’s grease traps for a month using only sponges made from his chest shavings.

TINA: [She has thoughts that are brilliant]

PAUL: I’ve been working really hard to make sure it looks exactly like you could rip it off, stick it to something, and lift.

TINA: [We can only imagine]


[Photo: Getty]