There are some celebrities who look AMAZING pregnant: Reese Witherspoon springs to mind. She’s the cutest pregnant actress. Ditto CZJ, who managed to go through both of her pregnancies looking basically resplendent the entire time. Nicole Richie? Adorable  whilst pregnant. (I’m pretty sure I personally, should I ever have a baby, will just look sort of bloaty and nauseated. No one will say, “you should be about five months pregnant all the time.” They will all say, “are you feeling okay?”)

Tina Fey?

Is it not enough that she has a best-selling book? She ALSO has to be an Adorable Pregnant Celebrity? Fine. FINE TINA. I’LL ACCEPT THIS. But only because I love you. I mean it. I was Liz Lemon for Halloween (Heather was, of course, Karl Lagerfeld; there are pictures on the GFY Facebook). THAT’S LOVE. (Okay: in fairness, that’s me dressing basically like I do everyday, just with messy hair and fake sunglasses and Mexican Cheetos. Okay. I also have Cheetos cradled in my arms daily. Fine. FINE.) YOU BE ADORABLE. I’ll manage to live with it.