The Obamas landed in Havana yesterday, marking the first time an American president has set foot on Cuban soil since Coolidge in 1928. And I know you don’t come here for an analysis of the political impact — and indeed, please leave that at the door, as usual; times are fraught enough without GFY losing its escapist value — so let’s get right to the part we provide: the outfits.

Michelle is wearing Carolina Herrera, Sasha’s black dress is Shoshanna, and as of now, nobody yet has a credit for Malia’s. I think they all look great — ready for a day of exploring, but sufficiently crisp and smart that it’s clear they took this seriously. Something about Michelle’s reminds me of what happens when you magnify newsprint, which I’m SURE is not the true inspiration for the design at all, but there’s something nifty about making history in something that faintly evokes the media that will write the headlines about it.

[Photo: Getty]