I have never been a Sienna Miller person, in terms of her style, and yet… suddenly I have never been MORE of a Siena Miller person.

I want to be wearing this ENTIRE OUTFIT right now. I want to be at a polo match, in that, sipping a Pimm’s Cup alternately with a flute of Champagne — it can be plastic; I’m not picky — and watching dudes in good white pants swing mallets around while grunting. I will not spill. I will not stumble. Because this outfit is obviously invincible. It is impervious to steaming divots and it’s a histamine-blocker and it casts a wide 50-SPF bubble around itself. It is the very embodiment of a good mood. We could ALL use one of those right now. Thank you, Sienna, for giving us some goals to hashtag.

[Photo: Getty]