I have no issue whatsoever in shouting to the rooftops that I LOVE THIS DRESS:

I don’t believe this is the first time we’ve seen this — although I can’t remember who was wearing it before, I’m sure one of you will, because y’all are smart like that — and I believe I said this exact same thing last time, which is that I wore a (surely much less expensive) version of this to my 8th grade dance and I REALLY WISH I still had it. You guys, this is why I’m a hoarder. I’m sure I said that last time, also, because I am ALSO REPETITIVE. I can’t wait until I am featured on the pilot episode of Repetitive Hoarders, which is just going to be 4 minutes of footage of me being buried underneath old J Crew blazers, played on a loop.

[Photo: WENN]