This must be Lady Gaga’s current favorite bra. We’ve all got one. I mean, mine is from Target and I try not to wear it as outerwear, but there’s something to be said for, uh, lingerie loyalty? (Seriously, Target bras are secretly kinda good.) That being said, I feel like I just saw an episode of Project Runway wherein Zac Posen wisely pointed out that turning a racer-back into a racer-front is rarely a good idea. No matter HOW much you love that bra:

On the other hand, I actually think she looks great without all the wigs and headdresses and eye-patches and glitter and faux bone spurs and all that other crap she’s usually wearing. Like, I’m not wild about your outfit, Gaga, but I do like seeing your face.

[Photo: WENN]

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