SHAILENE: This color is great on me. Do you think everyone here is recalling the interview I gave where I said I like to sunbathe my vagina?

THEO: I am extremely handsome and Lady Mary was right to risk killing me with her own, presumably less tan, vagina. Also, yes, Shailene. Yes, everyone is thinking that. I cannot stop thinking about it.

KATE: I mostly am thinking about your neighbors and hoping that, at the very least, your sundeck is private. But let’s talk about me and how great I also look.

SHAILENE: We actually all look really pretty sharp, even if the Divergent logo behind us looks weirdly like a wine bottle from this angle and it makes it seem like we’re at some weird formal dystopian wine-tasting. Let’s see the back of my dress”

Yeah, still pretty cute.

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