Serena Williams is not perfect, sportsmanship-wise, and I know this. But I still love her. I love that she is self-assured and proud of the wondrous body she’s worked a lifetime to sculpt, and I love that she’s so passionate about its power, and the ways that power can wreak havoc on a tennis ball. She ripped her way through her sport, to where the story is not about her race, nor her gender, but just that she’s The Best. Period. So, yeah, sometimes she grouses and complains when she loses, or comes across as petulant on the court, and that’s not my favorite. But for me, the great things about Serena Williams — and what Serena Williams might mean to any number of people who turn on the TV or pay money to watch her play — outweigh that.

She is a work of art. That dress is a privilege to behold on her. But still there are fools who don’t see beauty in strength, and so I’m going to do as I wish I could always do and let JK Rowling speak for me.