It is true that this is not the sort of content we usually post, but the nice folks at Condé Nast sent it to us* and I could not resist sharing it, because it’s very charming and I think you will like it, and why not try something new every now and then, especially on an otherwise snoozy Wednesday morning? Vogue’s YouTube Channel sent a dude over to Sarah Jessica Parker’s (amazing) house, and he asked her 76 questions in five minutes (in a single shot). It’s a clever reminder that, regardless of how crazily SJP sometimes dresses, she is really likeable — which, actually, has been born out in our own very limited interactions with her at Fashion Week, where she has never been anything but gracious as hell. Also: she really does have great hair:

Not for nothing, that’s a good reminder of (a) the power of a cute pair of jeans, (b) that globes are awesome, and (c) that you can and should put a ping pong table in your drawing room should the occasion arise. I have major, major house envy, you guys. The painted stairs? I know SJP has a shoe line now but I kind of wish that Domino still existed and that she was consulting for it. That’s what I want.

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*This is not a sponsored post, just a submission that I thought y’all would like. I just want you to see people’s drawing room ping pong tables.