Rita Ora is out and about on the daily because she’s currently filming America’s Next Top Model — she is the new host — and I keep myself entertained by trying to figure out what kind of challenge or judging event she’s headed to based on whatever she’s wearing. Whatever she’s doing for this particular episode, I hope we get a full-length shot of her dress, because the skirt is where the money is:

I think this is lovely. Also: I need to tell you guys that I spent a lot of the past weekend in bed, under the weather, watching Australia’s Next Top Model on Hulu and there is nothing more annoying than having THOUGHTS about a show that’s 11 years old and is not currently on the top of anyone’s mind. But the first episode of the second season involved a near-orgy and a drunk contestant shaved off another contestant’s eyebrow while she slept and it was like no big deal! TYRA WOULD HAVE HAD THOUGHTS.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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