I went through so many pictures of this photo call, trying to find one where McAdams here isn’t posing with her hands on her hips. This was the best I could find:

Girl, when you’ve got do-dads on your hips, you don’t want to be squashing them with your hands! That’s like the designer dress equivalent of a bride spending her wedding reception sitting on her bouquet. That being said, I think this is pretty swell. White is hard to wear without veering into bridal — or into Hey, I Look As Pale and Wan As If I Just Spent the Last Six Weeks in a Sanitarium — but I think she manages to avoid both those pitfalls. Also: that Ron Livingston-alike in the background is cute. That has nothing to do with her outfit, I just thought I’d note it.

How do you like it? COMMENT IT UP. Also, do we think she and Michael Sheen are engaged? Because I love that idea. (So this post is a little extra gossip-y and all over the place. IT HAPPENS.)