This is only my favorite thing ever. I mean, first of all, they’re making poor SJP stand in the gutter while they take this picture. Second of all, of course, is the awesome AUTO REPAIR sign behind her, which makes it seem like this is what she throws together when she has to run down to get a dent banged out of her Escalade, or whatever. Finally: THAT HAIR YES THANK YOU THAT IS AWESOME.

So, I am sure you guys read the article with J Lo in the People where they named her The World’s Most Gorgeous Lifeform or whatever they called her — she did look GREAT in that issue — and they asked her about the year she went to the Oscars with SUPER HUGE HAIR and she was kind of like, “maybe not my best look, lovers,” and I was like, “WHAT? I LOVE BIG HAIR.” It’s true. And therefore, seeing SJP with this HUGE HUGE TEXAS HAIR really made me clap and bounce with glee.

IT’S ALIVE. I love it. It is RIDICULOUS and I find it hilarious and fun. It’s like Dallas had a baby with a Judith Krantz novel and I can’t even imagine how long it took her to brush this out when she got home.

The dress, it must be said, is kind of legit fab.


  • It's ALSO legit fab. (9%, 1,175 Votes)
  • FUG. LEGIT FUG. (49%, 6,405 Votes)
  • So silly and over the top that it's turned awesome on us. (34%, 4,404 Votes)
  • I have no opinion. (1%, 115 Votes)
  • That is bullshit. There is NO WAY you don't have an opinion about this hair. (8%, 1,025 Votes)

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