Melissa usually goes with stuff that’s solid-colored and shapeless, finished with hoof-y round-toe platforms. Deviating from the norm worked for her:

The cheerful floral is a treat, and I love that she went with something fitted that accentuates and complements her shape. AND she threw in sassy footwear. Melissa kind of got dragged into the Women Of A Certain Size debate simply because she was successful at her job; suddenly that qualification became her, and that sucks, because she is a person and a personality and a talent. Maybe it’s all the wine talking — it is late in our current time zone — but to see this feels like someone finally woke up and stopped viewing her as a size and started looking at her as a being, and decided to find her some clothes as colorful as she is. I raise my rapidly emptying glass to that. So BEGONE, satin tents and dull shoes, and pass me a corkscrew.

Oh, and for the record:

Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses: achievement unlocked.