Well, I obviously wanted to start off with this photo, because it’s adorable:

And then, after admiring the adorability of Jonathan Groff, we can look at Lucy’s dress:

I JUST noticed that it’s like architectural drawings, not an abstract pattern, and now I am slightly less sure about this.  I love a good Roman column*, too, but on the island in the middle of the lake at my British country manor, not unfurled across my groin. On the other hand, her face might be selling this and the shape is so good on her. I HAVE DOUBTS NOW.  Please assuage them.

*Per Fug National francesca, a useful correction I am just repeating here, because it was more interesting than me just fixing my mistake: “As professor of ancient art & architecture, I must point out those are Greek columns and not Roman. This dress, I believe, is from the recent Dolce & Gabbana collection which features 18th-century architectural drawings of temples at Taormina, Segesta, and Paestum.”

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