This was for a holiday event at Claridges — their Christmas Tree party — and I literally feel like she could not look MORE Christmas-y unless she dressed like Santa. (I sort of felt the spirit of Chandler Bing inhabit me there, briefly. Sorry about that. [Not actually that sorry, really.])

Is it a bit match-y? Maybe. Do I really care? NO. Am I drinking egg nog used in place of creamer in my coffee right now? NO, and I’m very peevish about that at the moment, so maybe let’s not talk about it.

Let’s talk, instead, about her coat. It has AMAZING LINING:

Is Kylie angling for a Red Riding Hood role in a Christmas Panto? Because I’d probably go see that that. If I were in England. Which I’m not. Now I’m peevish again.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet, AKM/GSI]