First of all, it occurred to me whilst admiring Kristen’s earrings that she and Sophia Bush could totally play sisters in something, no? It might just be the haircut, but…regardless. When everyone gives in and makes Return to One Tree Hill as a lark in summer 2018, Wiig can play Brooke Davis’s long-lost older sister who’s come back to town to ruin everyone’s lives/be the town’s new Dan Scott. It could happen. After all, she did do A Deadly Adoption.

Anyway, this brilliant idea aside — and, someone please remind me that I need to re-write Dan Scott’s Wikipedia page, as it currently does not even mention that time Dan’s heart got eaten by a dog — this is a very summery, very successful look on La Wiig, even adjusting for the fact that she occasionally shows up at things wearing large structural napkins and the like:

Okay, so it needs a little hoik. But as sins go, it’s a very venial one. Overall, I think a round of applause is due. And maybe a round of drinks.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]