I am someone who is neutral on Valentine’s Day, as a concept, but who simultaneously LOVES Valentine’s Day items: wee heart-shaped Le Creusets; pajama pants covered in little hearts; pink stationery of all sorts. I am basically self-banned from Paper Source right now so as to save my bank account. So this is right up my tree:

It feels adorably Valentine’s Day-adjacent without going full-on VD and it’s charming on her. Did I just mutter to the screen, “I wish you were wearing other shoes, Kerry Washington, you adorable person”? Yes. But otherwise: I give a big, heart-shaped thumbs-up. Wait, you can’t give a heart-shaped thumbs up.  A big…heart-hand, in the style of Taylor Swift? Who would also look cute in this? There we go. Thanks for hanging out while I workshopped that.

[Photo: Getty]