If I had to nitpick, I’d say I am terribly bored by the shoes.

But, she tied them in with the clutch, and the REST of the look is so strong and gorgeous on her that I can’t really get fussed about them. Her lipstick matches her dress and her purse matches her shoes, and yet somehow it all seems totally natural and normal and not cutesy or mannered. Her skin is exquisite. The hair is styled perfectly to let it all glow. She’s getting so good at this whole thing. Almost too good. Doesn’t her face look like she has a delicious secret? I’ve decided it’s that she has something BALLS-OUT INSANE hanging in her closet for the Emmys on Sunday and she can’t wait to see how everyone reacts.  As much as I love it when people look fabulous, my heart is always with balls-out insane.

[Photo: Getty]