Keira Knighley is ALL about the metallic shoes this summer: heels, Mary Janes, and now sandals.

I support this totally. Other things I support:

  1. This dress.
  2. A saucy print in general.
  3. Smirking at the photographers in a way that actually doesn’t seem that irritated
  4. Whatever they had to drink at this dinner, which I assume was Pimms Cups, because in my fantasy life where I am going out for dinner in London wearing that dress, I drink Pimms.
  5. Her makeup-less-looking face. I know this seems UNLIKE ME — no one notes that You Might Feel Better If You Put On Some Lipstick more than I do — but I think in this instance, the dress is fancy enough that she’s actually smart to use her face to dress it down. (I’m totally going to start telling people I’m doing that, also. For example, the next time the checker at the market tells me I look tired, I’ll just gesture extravagantly at my jeans and striped Breton top and say, “YES, Marcia! I am dressing this down so I don’t look too FANCY,” and she’ll just hand over my crate of wine in a disgusted silence.)

[Photo: AKM/GSI]