I know it’s not all bubblegum and bells and whistles, but I like this. In part because, with Katy Perry, sometimes craving bubblegum and bells and whistles turns into her ACTUALLY wearing a merry widow made only of bubblegum, bells, and/or whistles.

This is flattering, it’s graceful, it’s elegant, and it’s a take on see-through that doesn’t turn me into Ragey McCapsoholic. Plus, let’s face it, I’m sure it’s exhausting to live up to a high standard of CONSTANT sparkly nutballery all the time (even Lady Gaga seems bored of herself), so kudos to Katy for being able to dial it back a few notches now and then. Besides, The Crazy probably has its most concentrated — and desired — effect when it’s not the ONLY volume she has.

[Photo: Getty]

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