When I first saw this photo, in thumbnail, I thought it was Victoria Beckham, and now all I want is for Kate Beckinsale to play Posh Spice in a juicy miniseries based on Posh’s 800-page autobiography (which, obviously, I have read and deeply enjoyed):

This is one of those looks that I feel could SO EASILY go extremely wrong, but just manages to toe the line of Interesting and Alluring, without falling into the crevasse of Tacky.  Although the back gets a bit Posh 2006:

Regardless: I need to take this space to note for the record that Love and Friendship, the movie she is promoting here, is really really really enjoyable and, I think, very well suited to Fug Nation, and I definitely recommend it to you all. There is one scene where found myself thinking, “this is totally the scene I am going to watch every single time this movie runs on HBO two years from now.” There is no higher compliment.

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