No disrespect to the Stiles, but I always kind of forget she’s IN the Bourne movies until I go see one, and she pops up, and I say (in my head) “OH RIGHT JULIA STILES!” (I don’t blame her for this. She’s not bad in the films at all — I am PLEASED to be reminded that she’s in them! — but her role is sort of generic. Or at least it used to be — I missed the most recent Bourne movie, so please let me know if it was revealed that she’s actually a wizard or something.)

Less forgettable, however, is her dress:

She looks great, but best of all is this fabric. Wouldn’t it make fantastic lining for the inside of the envelopes that come with your personalized stationery? What a delight when your loved ones open your little kissy missives to see this! What a balm when the people to whom you’ve written hate mail finally notice it! Truly, a win-win situation.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]