Yes, it’s true. This makes two and a half Mockingjay Part Deux premieres in a row where Jennifer Lawrence does not look as if she’s been buffeted by the winds of Dior – by which I mean, where Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t look like someone at Dior pushed her on top of some innocent person’s parked car before running off to overturn some trash cans:

(She does look LITERALLY windblown, because it was very windy in Los Angeles last night.) This is just lovely on her: Elegant, streamlined, ladylike. In short: NOT INSANE. She’s actually drawing focus from the boys, which is saying a lot, given that Liam is hot like fire and the Hutch is wearing a suit the color of jam. (The ribbons both men are wearing are of the French flag, which is lovely.)

Her face also looks great:

Even the scallop-detailing doesn’t make me mad. Is this what happiness feels like? It’s WEIRD.

[Photos: Getty]