Fugger: Jennifer Lawrence

Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Maybe it’s the jet lag talking, but I don’t straight-up hate this.

Jennifer Lawrence

Or, not ALL of it. I want to pick them up and hurl them at the Thames and then learn that all the micro-parasites thriving in there currently up and fled, due to contamination. (I’ve just solved water pollution! Hooray.) I also think that hair color is still problematic on her; it just doesn’t suit her, and it lacks the spark she personally seems to have. And that ties into my objection to all of this: While there dress itself isn’t horrendous, it’s also not cool. Don’t you think Jennifer Lawrence both could and should be cooler than this?

let’s go in for the close-up


Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence

I am admittedly guessing on the fashion credit here, because as of this writing, I hadn’t seen it printed anywhere. But this looks so much like the skirt of Jessica Chatain’s recent Altuzarra that I’m going to be bold and say it’s the same line.

Sony Presentation At Cinema Con In Las Vegas

And it’s nifty, for sure, and actually a great fit for her whole vibe. But why is she wearing it over a bathing suit that is decidedly NOT flash-friendly? She’s turned an ostensibly glamorous garment into something you’d chiefly expect to see on a celeb as she drifts her way out of Whole Foods. Between the maillot, the crispy looking hair, and the fact that her feet look like she just burned her toes on hot sand, I’m actually wondering if she went to the beach first and then hopped into her convertible at the last possible second.

Also, surprise:

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Fug or Fab The Ad: Jennifer Lawrence for Dior

Full disclosure. I LOVE actresses in ads for bags. I can’t tell you why. I think it’s because, honestly, for someone who doesn’t own a lot of bags, I love them. I might love them more than shoes, even though I have many many more shoes (the paradox of accessories; I’m totally going to buy a bag after typing all of this). I just…appreciate a great bag. I loved the Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton ads; I loved the K Stew Chanel ads. Here, my take is, “could be worse????” Which, I guess, for the Lawrence/Dior MARRIAGE FROM HELL, is high praise indeed?


Oscars Fug Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence in Dior and Alexander Wang

Jennifer caused quite the uproar by missing the televised red carpet. She claims she was sick – which she also said last year, which, hey, maybe she just has terrible luck. Or maybe she cried wolf last year and then this time the wolf ate her. She DID look queasy during her category, but that could be because: a) the movie looks terrible, b) the worst remedy for active pre-partying has to be sitting in an auditorium on TV for three and a half hours; c) she’s genuinely sick; d) she had to sit next to Charlize, in a far superior Dior; e) she was trying to snag the last interview of the night but nobody told her ABC would be off the red carpet by 5:15, and she felt bad; f) several of the above.

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Recent Candid Fugs and Fabs: Jennifer Lawrence

Of course J Law owns a jean jacket that proclaims her a “perv.” Although, in fairness, how do we know that’s not an acronym? It could stand for all kinds of things: Placid Eloquent Responsible Vixen; Professional Educated Romantic Ventriloquist; Perfect Entertainer Racing Vultures. Anything, really.

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Oscar Luncheon Fugs and Fabs: The Lead Actresses

I hate to disappoint you, but Cate Blanchett ditched. I assume she’s off making sure that she’s sufficiently radiant on the 28th?

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Golden Globes Post-Party Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence in Versace

I read a really cranky Blind Item (that was barely blind) implying that an industry exec is impatient with (I’m paraphrasing this person’s words) J.Law’s crass side, and bemoaning that her after-party outfit gave off the aura of changing into her play clothes. Once I saw the dress, that description rang in my head.

jennifer lawrence

I can’t even go anywhere else with this post. That’s exactly what this resembles. That thing is full Gap Junior. Was that Dior REALLY so imperiled at the parties that she couldn’t just keep her dress on and save this for a run to Ralph’s later in the week?

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