I have a lot of thoughts about Jennifer Garner. I miss Alias, for one thing. I have questions for her about what it was like to film Pearl Harbor. I really want to befriend her and have a lot of discussions with her about Ben and his back tattoo and their divorce and that Bill Simmons thing and, basically, “what is happening with Ben?” is a question I’d like to ask her, while we drink chardonnay in her surely fantastic kitchen before taking guac and chips out to the pool, where we gossip and watch the kids swim (I guess I have kids in this friend-fantasy. I’m sure Heather will let me borrow hers).  After a long discussion of what is happening with Ben, we could then talk about Jennifer’s new friend, Victoria Beckham, who made this dress:

And I would tell Jen that I think she looked super in it and I love her bracelet, and then we’d wonder why Kate Middleton hasn’t worn Posh’s clothes yet — although I would point out that she DID recently carry a Beckham tote — and then we’d just chat about Becks and how hot he is. Which is basically how I want to end every conversation I have with anyone, anyway.

[Photo: Getty Images]