We’ve seen these booties before, I believe, or their equal — J.Co enjoys a bootie. AND WHY NOT.

For a wintry outdoor photocall, they totally work for me here — and indeed, so does the entire outfit. Would I have REALLY loved it on a breezy but pleasant Cannes day, without the tights and with a cooler shoe? Sure. But would I trade my super glamorous Gap jeans and sweater and current bare feet if I could swan around town looking like this for a day? Obviously, although I am not sure I could part with that top when it all ended. It would be an extremely ugly goodbye, which would, let’s face it, lead to theft and a life on the lam, after which a cop who looks and sounds exactly like Ty Burrell in Muppets Most Wanted would finally apprehend me at the Swiss border. Thanks, Jennifer Connelly. You just got me arrested and rotting in a foreign clink. AND ALL I DID WAS LIKE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]