Listen, I know Will and Jada can be divisive, and I’m not even sure how I feel about them half the time. But I do know this:

He is TOTALLY correct about this. It’s Marchesa at its absolute best — the reason they became synonymous with dreamy red carpet princess moments in the first place — and that color is everything my heart desires.

I mean, NAB, potentially slimmer cummerbund, yada yada yada… this is no less a win. This is one of the few red carpet dresses that seems almost reachable for the regular lady — where I actually wish I could put on, because maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t look like a sad clown in it. Of course, I would wear it to places like Elementary School Dropoff and Pickup, and in and out of my taekwondo dojang, so in that sense I WOULD look like a tragic head case even if the dress were flattering. So. Maybe I’ll just Photoshop my head onto it.

[Photos: Getty]