The holidays are upon us, which means it’s going to get thin on the ground for a while. Fortunately, if we have to dig deep for boldface names to ogle, we could do a LOT worse than this one:

By all accounts Ivanka is smart and classy and cool, and I have a huge wardrobe crush on her. That dress is simple but also beautiful, and her lipstick is perfect, and if that’s not a bracelet then it’s probably a watch — either way, it gives her wrist some interest. I just, as I type this, noticed that it might have a slight dropped waist with a flare, and while that is generally not my favorite thing, I just… I like this, and am grateful to her for trying to soothe and coddle me into Christmas week, so that I might not bungle all my holiday wrapping because I’m in a fit of pique over how transparency will not die. Also it reminds me that I need to go buy a box of Cadbury’s Roses (chocolates), always the first thing from under the tree that my family opens on Christmas morning. My dad taught me well.

[Photo: Splash]