We’ve said for a long time that Jennifer Aniston is overdue to shake things up a bit, and so she kindly obliged by getting a haircut. This has been happening a lot of late, where we say something — like that we think Jessica Alba is pregnant again — and then it turns out we are tapping into some mystical psychic force engulfing the universe. We would really appreciate if that force would stop tipping us off about people’s uteri and head-suits, and started dealing in winning lottery numbers.

Anyway, back to Aniston: Of course, a trim isn’t necessarily high drama, but for Jen– whose hair has been the same for roughly seven or eight years now — lopping six or so inches off her noggin signifies an extreme leap out of her rut of long, beachy, tousled locks. Above, you see her as we’ve known her the most consistently (if her early Friends shag was The Rachel, then this is The Jennifer), and then the slideshow will take you through her slow burn toward a bob.

Frankly, I like it (and, it should be noted, I also liked it when she did something similar midway through Friends). It suits her, and softens her face shape. Plus, as I noted with Matt Morrison, change can be a fine thing, and if there’s anything Jennifer needs at this point in her life — where nobody will shut up about whether she hates Angelina, secretly dines with Brad, craves a baby, and/or needs a romantic intervention — it’s a fresh approach. Sometimes hair is not just hair; sometimes it’s The Answer.

And then sometimes it is, in fact, just hair. But that’s the beauty of a makeover. It always grows back. In this case, though, we’re not in a hurry. Unless she gets hooked on taking inches off and ends up with the Michelle Williams, which we suspect would NOT work.¬†Everything¬†in moderation, Jen.

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