GOOP’s makeup and hair people must be so bored. The only thing she seems to vary anymore is whether she’s wearing eyeliner.

At least the clothes aren’t boring. She followed up the similarly filmy-sleeved tulip Gucci with this one, and I’m going to crawl out on what might be a very shaky, unpopulated limb and say that I enjoy this — especially in the context of an art gala. The shortness of it balances out the heavy poofy-sleeved top very well, and she chose good shoes (my kingdom for dark nails, but I feel that way all the time, so take that with a flake of sustainably farmed grass-fed hand-cuddled Nordic sea salt). All the jazz at the top is a pleasant mix of art deco, glitter glue, and the old POW and ZAP and KA-BLAM bubbles that used to pop up in comic books and old-school Batman cartoons. She’s like a leggy superhero who would be wholly approved of by Anne of Green Gables. What more could you want?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]