So, the couple of weeks after awards season is always slim pickings on the events front. Everyone who doesn’t have to do press for something or other is resting up for Cannes (or FUG MADNESS, which starts next week!) or off in St Barth drinking daiquiris and talking shit about whichever A-lister cut in front of them at the open bar. Which is why we’re seeing so many people swanning in and out of office buildings in great coats and holding their purses: they’re all coming into or out of radio interviews or morning show appearances. But the good news is, almost all of their coats ARE great. I mean, how cute is this?

All of this is cute. I even allow the shoes (red would be too much; black would be too boring. Grey might have flown). Day dresses, I seriously love you most of all.

[Photo: INF]

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