In the words of, well, me*, when a paparazzo almost ran me over once to get to her — and now the rallying cry for Fug Nation under certain circumstances, say, when someone is trying to kill you to get to Rosario Dawson — it’s just Rosario Dawson. But she brought Nic Cage:

WHAT. She looks totally cute in that DVF wrap dress (I actually think I own that one, except in different colors), and he looks totally wackadoo. Which I guess is what we want from Nicolas Cage nowadays. I believe he is wearing not one but TWO candy necklaces. At least he doesn’t need a bracelet.

This is also pretty cute. It’s all Cute Day Dresses Ahoy this afternoon at GFY. Behold:

I wish she’d borrowed Nic’s bracelet, though.

*Additionally, it has been brought to my attention by Heather that it was HEATHER who screamed “IT’S ONLY ROSARIO DAWSON” in an attempt to save my life. I clearly have PTSD.

[Photos: Getty]